How to Choose the Best Stock Footage Clip

How to Choose the Best Stock Footage Clip

Stock Footage is a video footage or film that can be reused in other movies and it is beneficial to film makers as they do not have to shoot new material. One piece of a stock shoot is known as a “library shot” or “stock shot.” Looking for stock videos that are worth the pay in regards to quality of execution and the subject matter can many a time be frustrating or tedious.


Each stock footage clip often begins with some eye-catching piece. This aspect includes the way in which the visual object is placed within the frame and constructed. The conventional compositions typically put the subject matter in the middle of the frame and use balance and symmetry to compose the picture. Engaging piece visually is one of the main elements of a good stock footage.


This aspect is also important to carefully look at while selecting or viewing stock footage clips for your various projects. The action mainly includes the movement of the subject matter and camera movements. The most enticing and dynamic motions happen when the camera recording is moving in some way as it adds drama, impact, and power hence creating a very high level of production quality.



The stock footage clips that include talent have currently received a reputation of looking “staged” and less real. The believability of the performance is also another essential element to consider when looking for good stock videos as some of them have over acting of talent which is not okay.


Good lighting greatly helps enhance the overall stock footage clip, and it entails; the balance, look, level and ratio of the light within a shot or scene. Premium stock footage clips are shot by the very seasoned directors of photography deemed as experts in creating clips with commercial-grade lighting.

Focal Length

The term of the lens that was used on the video camera or film for that particular shot. A short focal length produces the image of a wider field of view and vice versa. A longer focal radius of the camera results into a more out of focus the background becomes the subject. Various focal lengths give different emotional feelings to a shoot and may have a large effect on the look and quality of the footage clip.


The places featured on the footage clips normally have a significant influence on the final quality of the clip. Relevant and visual sites have an impact on the shot as camera movement, lighting and composition and the overall emotional tenor. During a shoot, locations are enhanced by props, lighting, good art direction camera operation, and talent.

There are several factors as you have read from the article above that are essential in selecting and researching on a quality stock footage clip. By giving the necessary attention to these tips, your chances of finding the best or a quality work stock videos clip for your project are enhanced.


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